Dear Trekkers,

Welcome aboard.

Though trekking and wandering in sahyadri,western ghat is very enjoying at the every moment,due to some indiscipline behavior of participants leads to unexpected ambiance created. This not only affects enthusiasm and excitement of those participants,but the whole team/group. So Please Follow the following mentioned rules and regulations on utmost priority. THIS ARE NOT JUST FOR READING BUT TO FOLLOW.

0) To follow all the below rules

1) Any decision taken by the Leader will be final and binding on all the participants.

2) Tasks allotted by the Leader should be performed diligently by every participant.

3) Every member will follow the pre-set time table for the trek.

4) Each trekker shall protect the flora and fauna and try not to deface or damage any monument by writing or scribbling on it.

5) While overtaking other participant, adequate warning should be given.

6) Trekkers following behind should be warned of loose rocks / stones let loose from under your feet to avoid / prevent accidents.

7) No one should leave the campsite without the prior permission of the leader.

8) Consumption or carrying of ALCOHOL or SMOKING is strictly prohibited. In case anyone found,the participant will be directly EXPELLED from the group without paying any refund.

9) Hiking / Trekking / Rock climbing is an adventurous activity and accidents can happen in spite of taking utmost caution and care. The club will not be responsible for injury / accident / death to the participant while on trek.

10) The club does not take responsibility for loss of participant’s belongings.

Happy and Safe Trekking,


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